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On October 17th, 2020 (Revised Date) the First Edition of Sea 2 Sky Gravel Fondo will take place in the Squamish Valley and you will experience amazing mountain views, large rivers, creeks and waterfalls as well as wide great gravel Forest Service roads.

So due to all of these factors we have decided to reschedule Sea 2 Sky Fondo (not cancel or postpone) to October 17th, 2020. 

In 16 years of sports event management this is the first time we have changed an event date.  Just so you know we were also just about the announce our spring training rides for the Sea 2 Sky Fondo but with current situation and the social distancing in place and concern for all participants and sponsors, we have postponed the spring training rides and will announce the revised Sea 2 Sky Gravel Fondo training ride schedule for the Summer and Fall in the coming weeks.

Featuring 2 Distances for 2020.

  • 50km Medio Fondo*
    • Start and Finish in in the Squamish River Valley
    • Beginner to Intermediate level cyclist
  • 100km Full Fondo
    • Start and Finish in the Squamish River Valley
    • Intermediate to expert level cyclist

We could have made the Full Fondo even longer but we felt that given that it is early season we will have a maximum distance of 100KM.

Which distance is right for you and your ride friends?  

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